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Benefits of Hiring Help After the Birth of A Baby

Benefits of Hiring Help After the Birth of A Baby
Benefits of Hiring Help After the Birth of A Baby

If you are pregnant, you may be concentrating right now more-so on your three trimesters and the imminent birth of your bundle of joy. However, what happens after the birth of the baby is just as equally important as what happens during pregnancy.

Having a baby can be very physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting, and having a good post birth plan will help you to cope better with any of it that you may encounter. There are some essential things that you need for yourself postpartum such as plenty of rest, time to heal (especially in the case of a difficult labor and/or cesarean section), nutritious meals, and keeping yourself feeling good. You may wonder, how can these essential things get taken care of when one just had a baby and may also have other children to take care of? This is where the benefit of hiring help after the birth of your baby comes in. Hiring someone to help you can really make a world of difference, and you have more time to concentrate on caring for yourself and the baby, and not become so stressed out.  You may hire one person, or have a post baby team if you so desire to help you post birth.

One type of helper that you may want to hire is a postpartum doula. A postpartum doula is a professional that specializes in helping mothers in the time following the birth of the baby. They are trained and certified by a professional organization which specializes in working with women in their childbearing years. Postpartum doulas help in many ways such as: helping mother with breastfeeding, answering any questions on caring for the baby, teaching the family ways that they can care for the new mother, helping the family adjust to the new baby as well as how to care for mom, as well as knowing signs of postpartum depression. Postpartum doulas also help with light cleaning of the home, caring for baby while mom showers, or spruces herself up, as well as preparation of light meals. Postpartum doulas will work part or full time, and the hours can be based on needs by the mother and family. They can usually be found by doing an online search as well as visiting professional organization websites such as DONA or CAPPA.

One might also consider a nanny to help out after the birth of baby. Nannies are a great choice for all around help. Nannies, however are more concentrated on caring for the children and the home, but this still works out with relieving much of the stress that the new mom might be facing.  The tasks that nannies usually take care of are: housekeeping, preparing meals, laundry, ironing, and caring for the children. Nannies help with newborn babies. Nannies will often times take care of the older children just like a mother would such as getting children ready for school, supervising them after school, and keeping them entertained.

Hiring a baby nurse is another option. A baby nurse is like a postpartum doula and a nanny rolled into one, however some do not perform household duties or older sibling care. Baby nurses are also trained in working with premature and special needs babies. However, the baby nurse usually works with the family and the new arrival twenty four hours a day.  The baby nurse is typically working only on a temporary basis from two to eight weeks post birth, some may go up to twelve weeks.

A new mother may also just consider hiring a family member(s) to help out. A family member might be a better choice for mothers who might be a little apprehensive about hiring someone they do not know.  The family member often times knows exactly how the new mother and her family likes things done, as well as how to cook the foods the mother and family like. If there are other children, they do not have to get used to a “stranger” in the house and build new relationships. They will easily get along with the family member, and the family member will be able to build a better bond with the family and the new arrival.

The comfort and the care of the mother is mostly the main focus when hiring help after the birth of the baby. However post birth help also helps the father readjust to his new position/and or the addition of a new baby to the family. Post birth help also allows him to get rest, nurture the mother, and cut back on the stress of having to handle things by himself. Post birth help especially postpartum doulas and baby nurses are also of great value in educating him on caring for the baby as well as caring for the mother.

Afiya Orara is a Certified labor doula, childbirth educator,
and lactation counselor.